Pixel Consultations

Creative studio, Training, Design Management


We provide consultations, design and developing solutions for your projects. While our focus in design and creativity, our 10 years experience in software industry enables us to provide expertise developing services as well. Our consultations and services aim to serve your project and your requirements with a competitive prices and high quality.

Our aim is to work with you for the success of your project and plan. However, we take all the circumstances and factors into consideration and use it for the success of your business. On the other hand, we would be glade to provide advices and consultations that can help reaching the best implementation for your project and business plan along with a creative process workflow.

Design and Creative Consultations

It is all started with love to art and design. We believed in the design and its value in visualizing the human ideas and civilization. We posses 10 years in the field in design and creative direction. However, we understand the roles of design and how to use it to serve your business. However, we provide you the design and creative consultation for your business from both the technical and creative aspects.

We like to learn and share knowledge for the benefit of both of us. However, take the next step and tell us the questions you have and we will be happy to help and response within a maximum 6 hours of your inquiry. We understand that you may need our answers as soon as possible.

Branding and Corporate Identity

Unlike other companies, we do not just provide branding and corporate identity for your business. We build your company identity with you and help you to dress up your company with the best colors, logo, printing designs, website and demos that attract your clients and identify the professional look and feel for your business.

The corporate identity process starts with asking you about your company and how to do you see its presence and future and ends with that materials that visualize your company target and business.

  • Our branding services includes the following:
  • Building corporate identity
  • Logo design
  • Printing materials such as brochures, business cards and staionary
  • Website design and developing

Mobile Apps Development

Our deep understanding the user experience on different devices reflect on the UI design and functionality in our mobile devices development process. We provide design and development service for iOS and Android devices.

Do you need to drive more exposure to your business through mobile users? We can help developing your next application layout, function, and developing.

eLearning Content

We have a deep experience in building elearning content that compliant with the eleanring standards such as SCORM. Our elearning solutions provide the maximum interactivity for your learning modules for both web and CD and DVD content.

We have done researches on applying the media specifications and tools in the eleanring courses and how to best use it to deliver the provided learning matter.

Web Design and Developing

The web is our market and place to learn and communicate with our clients. However, we can help you building your web business. We do not not only provide Website building, but also, we provide SEO consultations and how to bring your site to the top of the search engine results.

Our website building include building static websites, Flash websites and dynamic websites. Also, we have experience in building websites based on the major Content Management Systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Mambo, ROR and Drupal.

Video Production and Cartoon Animation

We understand the animation and cartoon concept and we differentiate between the high quality and low quality animation. We provide animation directing, storyboarding, consultation and building animation. We provide animation for different output media such as web, TV, DVD and desktop. Also, we provide cartoon animation services that vary based on the storyboard length and the output media. Our animators use the best animation tools and techniques to provide you the highest quality in a competitive time and cost.